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About the Owner

Brett Ellis has a degree in music, specifically voice, from Howard Payne University and has years of experience in public performance and participation in choral, musical theater, and solo singing, as well as playing in band and jazz band (instruments include trombone, acoustic and bass guitar). Beyond his musical experience, his work history in management and marketing has also prepared him well for his long-felt calling to this particular business and ministry. Mr. Ellis grew up involved in every aspect of the church and He greatly desires to help students not only pursue excellence in their art, but also encourage them to discover a life-long commitment and love of sharing their talent with the church and the world.

About the Founder


John Parker, an active music educator since 1986, opened his first Fine Arts Academy in Keller, Texas in 1991. Although opening with only 19 students and faculty, the Keller Academy quickly grew to an enrollment of over 350.  In 2005, John wrote the book, How To Start a Fine Arts Academy,(2 versions) and has lectured on the topic at conferences, colleges, churches and seminaries throughout the United States.  He is, and will always be, the proud Founder of the Austin Fine Arts Academy!

Highly Skilled Faculty


Our faculty, made up of highly-skilled, cutting-edge creative arts teachers from all over the United States is here to aid in the development of each artisan.  Each teacher has extensive teaching experience and is a reputable expert in their field.  Click on the "instructors" tab to learn more.

Mission & Purposes

The mission of the Austin Fine Arts Academy is to impact the world for Christ through Creative Arts Education.
Our Purposes Are:
1. To help local churches and Christian educational organizations become the center of creative arts excellence in their communities.

2. To provide excellent creative arts training for tomorrow's church artisans

3. To assist the local church in reaching new followers of Christ through the creative arts.

Tomorrow's Artisans

The creative arts are essential in the history of every known culture.  There must be music, drama, dance, art, photography and so much more!  These mediums allow us to express ourselves, chronicle our existence and experience a wide array of emotions.  Come join our creative arts family as together we train and develop tomorrow's artisans, today!

Personal Note 

I am so excited to welcome you to the Austin Fine Arts Academy.  It is our goal to provide excellent creative arts training to students of all ages.  If you have any questions, please contact me directly at 

We’d love to hear from you!

Tel: 325-721-4388 Call or text

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